Visitors and Guests


Please abide by the parking signs in our parking lot; the Perkins Police Department monitors our parking and will issue tickets to those who are parking illegally.   

Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not block driveways while waiting for our back gates to open for dismissal.

Please do not park and leave your car in front of our school. The drop-off lane is used by our school busses to drop-off and/or pick-up children.  If you find it necessary to come in the building, please park in the parking lot and enter the building.

School Visitation Policy - Meadowlawn Intermediate School Procedure

All visitors to the building are to check in at the office, sign in on the building visitors log sheet. A visitors tag will be issued to wear during visit, which is mandatory when leaving the lobby area. Visitors are not permitted to have lunch with students at school. We also discourage fast food items being brought in during lunch.

School Visitation Policy - District Policy

To maintain the safety of students and staff and to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter buildings, all visitors must first report to the main office to receive authorization to visit. (Authorization is not needed for school programs, assemblies, graduations and athletic events.)

All participants and spectators of school programs, assemblies, graduations and athletic events are expected to abide by all applicable laws, local ordinances, Board policies and District and building regulations pertaining to public conduct on District property.
School principals and their designees are authorized to take appropriate action to prevent and remove, if necessary, unauthorized persons from entering District buildings, loitering on the grounds and/or creating disturbances anywhere on District property.

BCI Paperwork (Fingerprints)

All parents/guests who would like to volunteer in the school and/or have the opportunity to attend field trips must have their most recent BCI paperwork on file at the Administrative Services Center.

BCI Checks need to occur every 5 years.  A copy of your BCI paperwork needs to be sent to the Administrative Services Center.

If you are unsure of the status of your BCI paperwork, please contact the school office.

Walking Students / Delivering Items to the Classroom

To ensure the safety of all students, parents are not allowed to walk their child to class.

Due to education taking place at Furry Elementary School, parents are not allowed to deliver items to the classroom during the school day unless the parent has made arrangements with the teacher and the teacher has informed the office of the visit/delivery.

Items can be left at the office and your child will be called to the office to pick it up when it is convenient for the child and their teacher.