Transportation Information

Morning Drop-off Guidelines:

Parents who drop off students in the morning prior to the beginning of school should enter and exit from the Far East driveway (closest to Perkins Avenue). Do not drop off any students at the building until 8:45am.

The front lobby entrance is reserved for bus traffic only until 9:10am. Students may enter the building using two entrances: the fourth grade entrance or the doors by the kitchen. We ask that students exit the vehicle anywhere along the yellow curb in order to minimize traffic back-up on Strub Road. Please have children exit on the passenger side by the yellow curb.  Students are permitted in the building at 8:45 A.M. Students who are brought to school after 9:05 A.M. (tardy bell) may be dropped off at the front entrance and enter through the lobby. All students who come to school after 9:05 A.M. must be signed in at the office by their parent or whoever transports them.

Pick-up Guidelines (afternoon)

Parents who are picking students up at dismissal (3:30 P.M.) should enter and exit the far east driveway (closest to Perkins Ave). There are NO walk-ups permitted due to the high traffic during this time. Parents picking up from the curb should form a single line starting at the gym door. Students will be released to cars who are along the yellow curb. Have all students enter vehicles on the passenger side. In order to keep the line moving quickly please place a sign displaying your child's name in your front window.

The front doors of the building will be monitored until 4:00pm for anyone wishing to pick up homework, etc.  Parents should ensure that all students are picked up before 3:45pm. Students not picked up for an extended period could be referred to the Perkins Police Department until transportation is arranged.