Launch Programs

Meadowlawn Launch Program Introduces Students To 'Change'
Posted on 09/06/2019
Kendra Faulkner and Christine Boesch from OHgo talk to Meadowlawn students about change

Meadowlawn Intermediate School students got a taste of “Change” on Friday. 

“Change” was the theme of the first-quarter Launch program to expose 3rd-, 4th, and 5th-graders to careers in agriculture, food production, and the environment.

Students rotated from station to station, hearing speakers from the community discuss their careers and expertise.

Among the speakers, Kendra Faulkner and Christine Boesch from OHgo, a Sandusky-based mobile food pantry, talked to the students about the ways to reduce food waste and how it impacts the environment. 

Kendra and Christine from OHgo talk about their mobile food pantry.

They also discussed the services they provide, including the mobile food pantries, where they turn local parks into makeshift grocery stores.

“Everybody who needs food can come and get it,” Mrs. Faulkner said. “We try our hardest to get food in their hands.”

Thayer Farms hosts a game of Ag-Jeopardy

Also taking part in the “Change” Launch program Dawn and Brooke from the Thayer Family Farm.

They led a madcap game of Ag-Jeopardy, where the students were challenged to answer farming-related trivia questions. (Quick, what’s another word for “bovine”? What important nutrient is in milk?)

Other stations included discussions on hunting, fishing, and trapping by Perkins High School Ashlie Gowitzka, and presentation on butterflies by Meadowlawn teacher Tammy Risk.

The Launch program is intended to introduce the students to a variety of careers.

Through the school year, different Launch programs will focus on careers in technology, tourism, and business. Representatives from local business, agencies, and organizations come into the schools to tell the students about their careers.